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When you see you're LED you feel, The Swift movement of a breeze, The Thunder, and the Cloud. You see, A warrior in dusty Armor, An Elegant Ballerina, The Chimes of bells and Roar of King. All for you- and you for All.


In Today's lifestyle, Television is playing a big role, we need it for entertainment, education, current affairs, etc. but if your Television stop working, it seems life is spoiled and you start searching for Best Tv Service center to get the solution for the issue you are facing with.

Contact Unistar Electronics (The Sony Tv Service center) customer service phone number:- 8826516141. The Sony Led Tv Service center provides the best service in Delhi. The Sony Led Tv Repair center provides an in-house repair service for The Best brand Sony Led Tv in Gurugram. Get a Sony Tv repair service center in Gurugram.

SONY is using best Technologies to get the best user experience out of the box in Led Television. SONY LED TV is very Reliable but also sensitive in nature. It can undergo minute to severe damage due to various reasons. And a malfunction SONY LED TV is worst than no SONY LED TV at all. Call us or come to us. The Sony Tv Repair technical support at Unistar Electronics provides in-home service for SONY LED TV repairing in Delhi. The Sony Led Tv Service center for Sony Led Tv Repair, that gives you the Best Led repair services at your place in Delhi.

Please Pay Attention

These days the cost of clients is increased due to companies who hired engineers and take the commission, this results increased the burden of cost to the customers but in the case of Unistar electronics we have own professional technician team with years of experience and we believe in Repairing SONY Led Tv chip-level first and take change the Board last option which results in a very genuine cost to the clients. The Sony Led Tv Repair center near you of The Best Sony Led Tv Repair service & Sony Led Tv Installation. Get Sony Led Tv Customer support in your location in Delhi. The Sony Led Tv Repair shop to fix Sony Led Television, fix Led Tv

The important reasons that are inspiring you searching for the best Sony Led tv repair service near me, you in Delhi, is to get fast, reliable service with the right price & warranty for the issue we had solved. If you have faulty Sony television, then you can find a Sony Led Tv Service center as the most suitable destination to meet your requirements. We are here to help you. You only need to call us, and we provide the Sony Tv Service accordingly. You will get the most significant options in communicating with us and it will provide you better and advanced solutions too. These are the important factors that can help you grasp the exciting facilities as per your requirements. Whenever you will get the significant Sony Tv Repair services from Sony Tv Service center near me, in Delhi, you will feel happier and it will provide you greater advantages too. We Repair Sony Led Tv from the Sony Led Tv Repair store near you, Delhi

The best support system at our source will provide you great satisfaction. To get faster and the best quality technical assistance at reasonable rates, if you visit our renowned Sony LED TV Repair center in Delhi then you will find us as one of the most recommended Led television service centers in Delhi. You will find the best satisfaction and the best return to your investment. Now, you are the best person to decide the best way to overcome the technical problems on your television. We are here to serve you Sony Led Tv Repair from Sony Service center near you, in Delhi

If you are searching for a Sony Tv Service center, you can get a private Sony Led Tv Service center phone number in Delhi. One Of The Best Sony Led Tv Repairing Service provider near, in Delhi. Well-known Sony Led Tv Repair center to get a Sony Led Tv Technician at your place in Delhi.

The Sony Led Tv Service providing chip-level Sony Led Tv repair service for Sony Led Tv Mainboard Repairing, Sony Led Tv Panel Repair, Sony Led Tv Power supply repair, Sony Le Tv Display repairing service, in Delhi. In most cases Can fix Sony Led at your house. The Sony big screen Led Tv Repairing Service from Sony Led Tv Repair, Service center near you, in Delhi.   



1) Unistar Electronics is not a Portal to arrange technicians n commission basis

2) Free estimate over the phone for Led Tv issue.

3) Experienced Sony Led Tv Technicians.

4) Free Pickup and Delivery of Led Tv for our clients (If Requires).

5) Expertise in Sony Plasma, Lcd, Led Tv Repairing.

6) In-house Sony Tv Repairing.

7) Sony Led Screen Panel Repair

8) Sony Led TV Broken Screen Panel Replacement

9) Provide chip-level Sony Tv repairing services for Sony Led Tv Repairing

10) SONY TV Repair in minimum cost at our SONY TV REPAIR SHOP because we always keep most of the Tv parts in stock.

11) 90 Days Warranty on all our Sony Tv Repairing Service.

12) Quality workmanship

13) Expert Sony Led Tv repairing technician

14) Our Repair charges are very less.

15) Faithfull Technicians

So getting directly Sony Tv repaired from us saves you money, getting Sony led tv service from us can make you happy get in touch for Sony Led Tv Service from Sony Led tv service center Delhi, The Sony Led Tv repair center in Delhi, is known for right Sony Led tv repair in Delhi.

Either you need Repairing, Service or Installation for your favorite LED TV, LCD TV or Plasma TV in Delhi Unistar Electronics.

The Sony Led Tv Repair shop near you in Delhi to get the right solution for the issue you are facing with your Sony Led Television


Why choose Services of Unistar Electronics?

EXPERIENCE : We have been providing electronics appliances repairing services approximately more than 24 years and have all the tools and knowledge for almost any piece of electronic item. We supply our services and offer our clients a complete 90 day warranty on all work we do.

DOOR STEP SERVICES : We offer our service to your door step, thus you will not be having any waste of time.

FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY : We also offer Free Pick and Drop facilities. IF REQUIRE, our engineers will come to you, pick the item, repair that and install it to your place. We provide our services as good as Authorized Service Center.

FAST SERVICE & COMPETITIVE PRICING : Our Technicians try to complete the work at your place. If require pick-up and re-installation is FREE. Our service price and very normal comparing to market price.

SKILLS : We have the proficiency and equipment to execute complete electronic appliances repair of virtually all electronics. We repair and restore any electronic appliance & use only genuine parts.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION : We have constantly achieved >97% customer satisfaction rates and have calculated this carefully and found that our regular customers are happy to recommend us to others as well.

NO FALSE PROMISES : Just Honest Professional Service.

WARRANTY : Exceptional Warranty on Repair Service and parts.

CONVENIENCE : 8:00 AM TO 8:00 PM Live Service Provider.

EXPERT TEAM: We have an expert team of EX-Engineers from Sony, LG, BPL & Samsung.

How the Service center works

We follow a very simple 3-step process of Confirmation, Repair, and Delivery which helps us in being completely transparent about the repairing service work. In each step, we provide complete information of tasks completed, a task in progress and task that needs to be done.

best tv repair

1. Confirmation

At your convinent time we confirm a home visit of our technician for detecting the issue faced by you in your product.

repair service provider

2. Repair & Service

We try to repair and fix the product at your place for minor issues and for major issues we take the product at our sevice center.

door step tv repair service provider

3. Delivery

After product is completely repaired and throughly tested we deliver and install your product at your place in Guraon & Delhi NCR with FREE of cost.


  • ➤ Call us or Register your Enquiry for Led Tv Repairing.
  • ➤ Get Call from our Customer Support team Within 10 Minutes,
  • ➤ Our Technician visit in 90 munites.
  • ➤ Our Technician will call before visit your place.
  • ➤ No Advance payment to Technician & inform us if they ask.
  • ➤ Make the payment once the service is done.
  • ➤ We are specialist in Led television Repair, Service & Installation.


  • ➤ Free estimate over the phone for Led Tv issue.
  • ➤ Experienced Led Tv Technicians.
  • ➤ Free Pickup and Delivery of Led Tv for our clients (If Requires).
  • ➤ Expertise in Plasma, Lcd, Led Tv Repairing.
  • ➤ Provide chip-level repairing services
  • ➤ TV Repair in minimum time at our Led Tv Repair Shop because we always keep most of the Tv parts in stock.
  • ➤ 90 Days Warranty on all Led Tv Repairing work done.
  • ➤ Broken Screen Panel Replacement.
  • ➤ Get Screen Panel Repair
  • ➤ In-house Led Tv Repairing in Gurgaon
  • ➤ Quality workmanship
  • ➤ Expertise in chip-level repairing
  • ➤ Compatitive price.
  • ➤ Faithfull Technicians.

Our Service

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For Quick, Reliable, Cost-saving, Timely Repairing Service, maintenance and installation for all brand TV Repair, LCD TV, Plasma TV, Hometheater, Microwave oven repair, Washing machine service, Fridge repairing service in Gurgaon. Get chip-level Led Television Repairing service in Gurgaon &: Delhi, NCR. No need to take a risk of trouble, time & money with no-name repairers or service providers who sell their quarries to other technicians.
So if you need any repairing service for your Home Appliances products. To Avail, Same day service Call us at: +91- 9971875888 or Fill the Query Form. It doesn't make any difference from where you purchased it. The Appliances & Tv Service center nearby.
Our motto is providing high quality services with full satisfaction at your doorstep.

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